What is waist to hip ratio

How big is too big?  When it comes to healthy weight loss and waist size, bigger is definitely not better!  A simple measure method of establishing whether your waist is in the safe or unhealthy region is the “Waist to Height Ratio”.  Calculating your ideal waist to height ration is a relatively simple process and can be achieved using the following steps.  Make sure you take these measurements on a weekly basis and keep a record of them for comparison.

How To Calculate Your Waist To Height Ratio

To calculate and measure your waist to height ratio, simply grab a tape measure and take the measurement around your waist at the height of your belly button.  Once you’ve done this, take your current waist measurement and divide it by your height measurement.  For both men and women the ideal waist to hip ration is less than 0.5 meaning your waist measurement should be absolutely no more than half your height.

As an example, my waist measures about 35 inches.  If I divide this by my height of 72 inches I get my ratio of 0.486 (35/72 = 0.486) which is less than 0.5 putting me in the safe range.

As you continue on with your exercise or weight loss program, you’ll notice a reduction in your waist measurement and the ratio.  Use this as a method to monitor your progress.


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