This video shows Dr Oz’s famous seven minute morning workout with  celebrity trainer Joel Harper. To keep you in the best shape you can be, aid your healthy weight loss routine and get you ready for the day.

The number one rule is just do what you can. Rule number two don’t forget your breathing.

First exercise breath in and stretch to the sky then bend at the waist and place your palms in front of your feet. Relax the neck to elongate your spine.

Then go into a plank which is the start of a push up. The do ten push ups looking forward a little. For a little extra workout lift one leg. If you hear your body cracking walk your hands out a little to adjust that.

Next go into an upward facing dog. Relax your shoulders head to the sky. Pretend your head is being pulled toward the ceiling. Big breath in.


As you exhale go into the down dog. Push back into your heels loosen your shoulders and let your head swing. Lift one leg up to the sky point to the sky. Then bring it through to a lunge


Bring yourself up and turn to face your torso forward put your hands out to the side head to the left and focus on your middle digit.

After a few breaths place your hands either side of your left foot.

Then into a triangle pose.



Finally into an aeroplane.

Go back down into a plank and repeat the exercises for the right side.

Then repeat again on each side. Its as simple as that.

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