When it comes to weight loss, health experts note that losing belly fat should be your main priority.  Unlike fat that resides around other parts of the body such as the hips and thighs, fat around the stomach carries a much higher health risk.  Before we get on to answering the question of how to lose stomach fat, lets take a look at why belly fat is far more dangerous than fat deposited in other areas of the body.

Risks and Dangers Associated with Stomach Fat

How to lose stomach fat tipsThe phenomenon typically described as “middle aged spread” is now known to be a considerable health concern. The ratio of fat to total body mass tends to increase in women going through their middle years, more so than it typically does in the male population. More so than ever, at the time of menopause extra fat locates itself throughout the midsection, as the proportions of fat to lean muscle tissue increase, and the body starts to favor storing that fat on the upper body rather than thighs and hips. Even women who don’t see the numbers on the bathroom scales rising, typically see an increase in their waist measurement and find a need for larger clothes.  This is due to loss of muscle mass (which weighs 3 times more than fat) and an increase in fat – netting the same total weight, but a much bigger body.  For information on the best way to lose  belly fat and tips on how to lose stomach fat, keep reading!

It’s Only Middle Age Spread – What’s the Problem?

Get Rid Of Stomach FatUntil recently, these changes may have been accepted in post menopausal life as being inevitable for women. However, we’ve all been put on notice (men NOT excluded) that our health risks grow in proportion to the size of our waistlines. Stomach fat, abdominal fat, belly fat or visceral fat as it is also known is reaching our attention more and more as research shows it plays a large role in a variety of our health issues far more than the fat just below the skin you can grasp with your hand (subcutaneous fat). This visceral or stomach fat which is of real concern lies deep within the abdomen, well below the surface muscles where it fills the cavities around the abdominal organs.

Just some of the issues for men and women linked to an increase in visceral fat is substantially higher risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disturbances, cancers and type 2 diabetes. For women there is a distinct correlation with the need for gallbladder surgery and the occurrence of breast cancer.

How to Lose Stomach Fat – 4 Steps to Success

There’s a worse than being embarrassed when it comes to extra flab around the tummy. As discussed above, your spare tire can increase risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease – Ouch! Luckily you can lose your stomach fat, and you can do it without a complicated diet plan. You might think your belly fat is stubborn, however with proper nutrition, exercise, hydration and belief in yourself (can do attitude) it’s no match.

Create Self Believe

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve itYour weight loss success will largely be determined by the thoughts that go on in your head and your belief in your ability to lose weight. It becomes increasingly difficult to stick out the hard times if your mind is filled with negativity and self doubt. It’s crucial that you really believe in yourself and that you possess what it takes so you can achieve the weight loss goals you set for yourself (Whether you believe it or not, you do have what it takes – everyone does. It’s a decision you must make).

Losing weight is as much about healthy living and feeling on top of your game every day as it is about fulfilling any sense of vanity we have. Your fat burning journey may be easier to stick to if you keep in mind that it’s a change in lifestyle rather than being on a diet. Diets tend to be associated with pain and suffering so keeping the healthy living focus will drive your momentum and increase your ability to control your negative emotions.

Good Nutrition is Key

Healthy FoodKicking your metabolism into top gear through eating a healthy and nutritious diet will help burn stomach fat much more quickly. A lack of essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and healthy fats in diet plan or eating plan means it’s not nutritious. High levels of nutrient intake can be achieved through loading your diet with healthy whole foods such as seed, beans, whole eggs, raw nuts, legumes, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and poultry (chicken and turkey).

Many people get pretty hung up on calorie counting, but if you’re eating the correct foods, it’s not something you need to bother yourself with. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be extremely aware of what you’re putting into your body. Keeping tabs on the caloric value of every morsel you swallow is a waste of time. Eat when you get hungry, and if you’re eating the right foods as described above you will find yourself less and less hungry – don’t bother yourself with calories while you’re eating (is it a relief to hear that or what?!).

Reasonable portion sizes and eating the right foods will have you losing tummy fat without the need for calorie counting.

Keep Yourself Hydrated – Drink Water

Drink Water as Part of Healthy Weight Loss DietMany healthy weight loss plans overlook the need for good hydration through drinking plenty of water. It is essential for maintaining good health and for burning fat. The metabolizing of stored fat is aided by water and it also helps the body to flush itself of toxins and excess fat. Additionally water can help to reduce your appetite and reduce the likelihood of constipation and bloating.

Poor hydration is common as many people underestimate the amount of water they need to consume. A good rule of thumb to maintain optimum health is to consume half your body weight in ounces of water each and every day. In practice this means that you should drink 75 oz water each day (minimum) if you weigh 150 pounds.

Get Off the Couch and Exercise

walking to lose stomach fatYou can be sure that even if you aren’t counting calories, when you implement your healthy eating plan you’ll lose weight because your caloric intake will be reduced. Even so if you don’t add some exercise and start moving, your long term ability to burn stomach fat will be reduced as your metabolism slowly grinds to a halt.

Spot reduction is one of the biggest weight loss myths there is, thus targeting specific areas for fat loss is impossible. Ab specific exercises such as sit-ups, bridges, crunches and the like only serve to tone your abdominal muscles. Burning the fat off is the only way to get flat and sexy tummy of your dreams. If you don’t get rid of the fat it will bury and cover any muscle tone you achieve through ab exercises so don’t get sucked into the marketing hype of many ab machine advertisers!

You’ll see your belly fat melt like butter if you combine proper nutrition with 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to intense cardio and weight training each day. Thirty to sixty mins may be more than you can cope with at first if you’re really out of shape. Don’t let this put you off – you have to start somewhere.  Get started with 5 to 10 minutes of exercise each day and you’ll quickly see progress if you push yourself. As your fitness improves, work your way up to longer periods.

you can lose stomach fat

Small Changes Yield Big Results

Start by making small changes to diet and exercise rather than trying to radically change things in a day. Try starting out by exercising 3 days a week, increasing your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking more water. Gradually build up as you become accustomed to each adjustment. Remember, a thousand mile journey begins with one step, and many small steps can create amazing results.

Take action and improve your health!  Sitting around and dreaming won’t get you the flat stomach you’ve always desired.  You CAN do this!  For more information on how to lose stomach fat, keep up to day with our weight loss posts.