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Having just purchased the book Fat Burning Furnace and read it, I felt compelled to right a little on the  fat burning benefits of high intensity resistance training.  Even if you have heard of this type of workout, you’re probably  not using all the techniques and tricks to get the most out of your workouts.   For most people high intensity weight training workouts are by far the best exercise to lose weight.

So, what’s all the fuss about high intensity resistance training?  Well, reading Fat Burning Furnace, (a book by Rob Poulos) opened my eyes to a new way of doing exercise.  If you’ve been struggling to find your 6 pack abs previously, then this might very well be the physical fitness solution for you.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of high intensity workout program is the efficiency and speed at which you can achieve amazing results.  Most folks are used to doing either long gym workouts 5-6 times a week lifting weights or spending literally hours out walking or running on the treadmill or at aerobics classes and usually ending up highly frustrated with their lack of fat-loss.

Enter High Intensity Resistance Training!

Obviously with the word “resistance” in the title, this type of workout program uses either weights (dumbbells, machines, kettlebells etc) or a selection of exercises incorporating your own body weight but don’t be put off by this.  It doesn’t have to be scary and certainly doesn’t have to be expensive or require costly gym memberships. In Fat Burning Furnace, Rob takes the readers through a very detailed workout program explaining exactly what exercises to do in order to achieve amazing results whether you have access to a gym or not.  This type of workout is perfect for men and women of any age, but Rob also goes into detail of why this type exercise particularly benefits folks from mid life on.  If fact, the first 110 or so pages of the book (183 pages in all) are dedicated to high intensity training workouts while the remaining pages focus on fueling your body (nutrition) and other strategies to maximize fat loss.

Why is resistance training important for fat loss?

Fat loss, old jeans
Fat loss, old jeans (

Notice above I used the term “fat loss”, and not “weight loss”.  In his book Rob mentions the focus that most people have on wanting to “lose weight”, and the need for that to be abandoned in lieu of a focus on fat loss.  As he says “who cares what the scales say if you have a lean and sexy waistline and look slim and toned?”

The importance or resistance training for fat loss cannot be overstated.  Resistance training builds lean strong muscles which in turn burn energy and leads to fat loss.  The more muscle you have on your body, the higher your resting metabolic rate (rmr) and therefore the more calories your body burns throughout the day.  Additionally, due to the fact that muscle is more dense than fat (3 times more) the same weight of muscle takes up 1/3 of the space making you appear more slim and lean so don’t worry about appearing “bulky” ladies.  Quite the opposite is true.  Women don’t have the right genetics or testosterone levels to end up looking bulky or over muscled.  In fact you need to hold on to every ounce of muscle you can to prevent the slow decline into obesity.

As we age, we tend to lose muscle at quite a rate making this type of exercise all the more important to do as we get older.  For each pound of muscle we lose, that’s 40 less calories each and every day that we burn.  Your metabolic rate is dropping as you read right now!  If we continue this trend for a few years all of those calories add up and you can see why significant fat gain with age is unfortunately very easy to achieve (if you can call it an achievement!)

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High Intensity Resistance Training Compared with Regular Resistance Training

For me, the biggest attraction with high intensity training is the fact that it is highly efficient.  In other words, it achieves optimal results in the least possible amount of time.  Up until now, my gym workouts have been split weight training routines and involved 5-6 days in the gym each week for over an hour.  That’s a serious time commitment.  I’ve also found that I’ve plateaued with my progress.

High intensity resistance training offers fast results with only 45 mins of exercise, 3 days a week.  More advanced practitioners can reduce this time even further.  For most people it’s the time commitment which prevents them from exercising.  If you can’t invest this meager amount of time into your body and well being you’re doomed.

I think the quote below Rob Poulos sums up high intensity resistance training very nicely.

Studies Show Little Difference Between 1 And 3 Sets…
In addition, research has shown that there is little difference in terms of strength
and development resulting from 1 or even 3 sets of the same exercise. Would you
rather perform 10 easy sets of the same exercise that take up to 15 minutes to
complete, or 1 hard set that only lasts 40-70 seconds?
(Quoted from Page 37 – Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos)

As you can see, the idea is to make your workout sessions super concentrated by making each set of movements count to the maximum working to 100% intensity.  This is otherwise known as training to ‘to failure’ or ‘momentary muscular failure’.  This notion of failure occurs when you can’t make one more repetition of the movement in spite of your greatest effort. It is this approach that gets outstanding results.  As a result the high intensity will require your maximum effort, but you don’t have to spend hours doing them and they adjust themselves to your current skill level and fitness level.

Rob takes you through everything  you need to know about this kind of exercise in his book, Fat Burning Furnace.  This type of exercise exemplifies the notion of “less is more” and yet 10s of thousands of people who’ve been stuck with their progress have achieved outstanding fat loss results using these techniques.

Supplement with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

As Rob alludes to on page 104 of his book, some may find that their fat loss is ramped up even further once they’ve been using FBF for 3 months or so and are on either the intermediate or advanced workouts by incorporating a high intensity interval training workout (HIIT) once to twice each week.  This cardio workouts are full on and only take 17 -20 minutes.  The great news is that once you reach the advanced workout part of Fat Burning Furnace, you’re only lifting weights a couple of times per week so your total exercise time doesn’t increase.

If any of this stuff interests you and you want to try it out but aren’t sure of where to start, I highly recommend Fat Burning Furnace.  The information covered is not what you’ll get from mainstream magazines and personal trainers at the gym.  It covers everything you need to know about implementing high intensity resistance training and also packs a whopping amount of information on nutrition for optimal fat loss.

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