Green Tea is often mentioned when discussing the components of a healthy weight loss plan.

Dina Khader discusses green tea health benefits, what to look for when buying green tea and how  green tea compares with other types of tea.

Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, and is in fact exactly the same plant the black tea and white tea come from.  White tea is the spring buds of the Camellia plant, while green tea comes from the same buds once they are mature and as green as possible.  Black tea comes from the fermented tea leaves once they’ve been plucked from the plant.

Top in Anti-Oxidants

Sencha green tea (otherwise known as Japanese green tea) is the highest in anti-oxidant properties.  Green tea in Japan is typically drank with a meal as it is beneficial in aiding digestion.

Benefits of drinking green teaWhat are the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

The anti-oxidant EGCG found in green tea is key to helping fight free radicals.  Additionally it has anti bacterial properties and helps fight infection and disease.  Green tea also is key in reducing heart disease, helps lower blood pressure and helps lower cholestrol.

Green tea also helps lower blood sugar and can help with the management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

What about Green Tea for Weight Loss?

One of the most sought after green tea health benefits are its properties as an appetite suppressant.  This is particularly so if is drank hot as opposed to cold.  If the taste of green tea doesn’t appeal to you, it can easily be obtained in supplement form so long as it is green tea extract.  If you enjoy the taste of green tea, two to three cups a day will have the desired health benefits and impact on appetite.  Green tea is also noted to have a thermogenic affect on the human body which helps to increase metabolism.

For more information on green tea health benefits, what to look for when buying green tea and how to brew a cup, watch the video above.

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