What to Eat While Pregnant

If you’re worried about putting on weight during pregnancy don’t fall into the trap of “eating for two”. This is one of the biggest pregnancy myths around. Learn here what to eat while pregnant and gain eating tips to keep you and baby healthy without piling on the pounds.

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Red Cabbage Coleslaw Recipe

Love a good coleslaw, but can’t help worrying about the dressing sabotaging a healthy side dish? Check out this recipe which gives you the best of both worlds. Low fat but full of taste, this red cabbage coleslaw will have you coming back for more – and at only 167 calories per serve, you can!

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Pregnant Diet

Dieting While Pregnant is a contentious topic in the media, however with the right information and advice it is completely safe and actually beneficial for your growing baby and you. Be sure to seek the right information first though, as starving yourself to lose weight is highly dangerous for you and baby.

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Health Benefits of Meditation: It’s currently very popular amongst the stars with Hugh Jackman and Miranda Kerr hailing its life changing benefits, but is it more than just a fad for the rich and famous? One of the latest studies to point to the potential mental health and physical health benefits of meditation is one from the Sydney University School of Medicine.

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Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight

Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight? Over the last few years there have been numerous articles published stating that exercise does not help with weight loss and if anything, it increases appetite and can hinder your efforts significantly. Discover the truth and share your thoughts and experiences on this weighty issue.

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High Intensity Resistance Training is the answer to cutting your exercise time significantly yet achieving fat loss results like you’ve never achieved before. Even if you’ve heard of the term before and are using some high intensity resistance training techniques, chances are you aren’t using all the tricks to optimize your fat burning.

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The Dangers of Too Much Sugar for Children

The Dangers of Too Much Sugar for Children: Quite apart from the worry many parents have around sugar making their kids hyper and a “management nightmare”, there are a number of other more worrying issues associated with the frighteningly high quantities of sugar and refined carbohydrates most western children consume these days through their highly processed diets.

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Recipes from The Diet Solution Program

Diet Solution Program Recipes: Check out this list of recipes from the top selling Diet Solution Program by Isabel de los Rios. This list of delicious, quick and easy low calorie meals includes recipes for a wholesome warm quinoa salad to baked buffalo chicken wings. There’s something for everyone here and your stomach and waistline will thank you for your efforts. Now get cooking and stop eating junk!

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Can You Exercise While Pregnant?

Can You Exercise While Pregnant? This is a question asked by many expectant mothers and the answer is a resounding YES! It is highly beneficial to exercise while pregnant however there are a number of things you should consider before setting out on your pregnancy workout regime in order to keep yourself and baby safe.

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Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods: Prevention is definitely better than cure and in this video Dr Oz demonstrates that most of America falls into the dangerously low category when it comes to carotenoid numbers. Carotenoids are anti-oxidants which help prevent cancer. So, what are the Dr Oz cancer fighting foods? This article and video fill in the gaps and will keep you fit and healthy.

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